18 September 2010

Lord's Guidance

It was just revealed the fraud within few minutes.

Thanks Lord was listening to my prayer and guiding me.

I know YOU are working, Lord.

A cheater from Nigeria keep on using the same name Bro T to purchase stuffs in worldwide paying "fake money" indeed asking for sellers to pay in advance the balance or any banking, pay-pal charges to him, whatever excuses he made to fool around others.

The email from bank and pay-pal look "officially" that he had made payment to those method.

Convincing sellers the payment had been made nevertheless withhold in bank or pay-pal.

Sellers got to follow the instruction from the email, sent the goods to the receiver and obtained the shipment receipt to send to bank or pay-pal so that the payment will release to sellers' account.

Name: Michelle Crew
Address: Flat 3, Agugu Barracks, Oremeji.
City: Ibadan
State: Oyo-State
Zip Code: 23402
Country: Nigeria

You thought done the selling yet there were another excuses came to you.

"Official email" from bank or pay-pal sent to you again stating the payment doesn't meet the minimum international payment transfer limit.

Hence, buyers had made the additional payment to bank or pay-pal and requested you to pay back the balance to the receiver's address through western union.

Or another excuses that I had found, stating a lot of charges such as transfer fee, additional fee.

Noted the amount he requested you to pay back is around 300USD which is ridiculous.

Pay back the money through western union to below address:

First Name: Larry
Last Name: Jones
Address: Block 3, Agugu Barracks, Oremeji
City: Ibadan
State: Oyo State
Zip Code: 23402
Country: Nigeria


You sell the goods to him but always have many problem bounce back to you asking you to pay money first so that you could get the selling payment indeed you had spent shipment fee and your goods in on the way to the destination.

Fortunately, the case was revealed.

Shipment to the Nigeria was back to my dad yesterday yet I just know it today and I actually was heart bleeding for the money lost for the shipment fee.

 Lord, you shows me that you are the best.
I thought the money is lost, indeed it come back.

I learnt a lesson from Lord.

01 September 2010

The Acts Of The Apostles

Just finished reading The Acts Of The Apostles, chapter from the bible new testament.

Mostly focus on Paul whom previously called Saul being appointed as minister to witness Lord to people.

Delivering message to Gentiles

to open their eyes, that they may turn darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive remission of sins and an inheritance by faith in Lord. (Acts 26:18)

Paul persecuted Lord however Lord rise him to glorify Lord among people.

Lord not necessarily appoint righteous to proclaim the word of Lord but rise sinner like Paul.

       Humble, obedience to Lord, Lord will send you.